Mental Health Innovations to Address Depression- Centro SOL
Latinos face many obstacles to accessing mental health care. Such obstacles include provider shortages, lack of insurance, time constrains and reluctance to seek help.
A coordinated effort on the part of healthcare providers and community members is critical in order to increase and enhance depression care for Baltimore’s immigrant Latino community. In this project Johns Hopkins Centro SOL intends to convene a network of stakeholders throughout Baltimore to accomplish three specific aims:
  • to reduce stigma and promote mental health literacy,
  • to pilot and evaluate evidence-based mental health intervention for depression,
  • to develop and disseminate the Latino Mental Health Equity Strategy.
Principal Investigator
Polk, Sarah – MD, MSH
Co – Investigator
Platt, Rheanna – MD, MPH
Other Co – Investigators
Joo, Jin Hui, MD, MA, Page, Kathleen – MD, Grieb, Suzanne – PhD
Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
The Leonard and Helen R.   Stulman Charitable Foundation
Project Start Date 01/01/2019
Project End Date 12/31/2023
Team Members       
Sanchez Gonzalez, Mayra – Clinical Supervisor, Guerrero Vazquez, Monica MPH, MS -Executive Manager Maksym, Marzena, MA – Senior Research Program Coordinator, Torres, Veronica – Community Outreach Specialist
Contact Information,410-550-4115
Video was launched during the conference on May 19, 2022.
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