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Research is a central part of Centro SOL’s activities. Centro SOL faculty are members of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and bring decades of experience to their research. Research at Centro SOL is driven by the unique health issues faced by the Latinx population in Baltimore and beyond.

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Participant Recruitment

Study Staff Recruitment

Study Planning

Centro SOL collaborates with researchers in the planning stages of research to assess the feasibility and cultural appropriateness of proposed studies. This assessment considers numerous aspects including but not limited to recruitment, methodology, literacy levels, and cultural norms. Latino Family Advisory Board (LFAB) or Youth Advisory Board (YAB) feedback may be requested at this stage or later in study development.

Material Review

Centro SOL collaborates with researchers by reviewing English or Spanish study materials that affect participants such as consent and assent forms, recruitment materials, survey materials, interview guides, and others. Materials are reviewed to assess their use of plain language for health literacy and appropriateness for the target population. Centro SOL no longer provides translation services.

The majority of materials reviewed by Centro SOL require approval from the IRB. We highly recommend collaborating with Centro SOL for material review prior to submitting to the IRB. The Latino Family Advisory Board (LFAB) and Youth Advisory Board (YAB) are key resources for reviewing study materials.

You can find more information about material review here.

Participant Recruitment

Centro SOL assists researchers to develop strategies to recruit Latinx populations for studies, especially those with limited English proficiency (LEP) and/or low literacy. The Latino Family Advisory Board (LFAB) or Youth Advisory Board (YAB) can contribute to these strategies or directly assist with recruitment through their networks.

In addition to strategy development, Centro SOL provides direct assistance for participant recruitment through its partnership with the Bayview Children’s Medical Practice (CMP). More information about the process to recruit participants at the CMP can be found here: Research at the CMP.

Study Staff Recruitment

Centro SOL assists researchers to develop appropriate personnel profiles for study staff working with Latinx populations, especially those with limited English proficiency (LEP). This assistance may include the development of job descriptions and the identification of resources to verify language proficiency of applicants. Centro SOL also maintains working relationships with a number of student and community organizations with bilingual members and can share job announcements with those networks.

Additionally, upon approval from the Center’s Executive Director/staff supervisor, researchers may request a Centro SOL staff member to assist on a project if they are available. All Centro SOL staff members are bilingual in English and Spanish and currently manage multiple studies. More information on the Centro SOL team can be found here: Centro SOL Team.

Work with Centro SOL

CMP Research

In addition, Centro SOL works closely with the Children’s Medical Practice (CMP) at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Learn more about conducting research at the CMP.

Our Research Projects with the Latinx Community

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