The Engaging Immigrant Latino Families and Community Stakeholders to Reduce Disparities in Childhood Obesity is an effort to decrease childhood obesity outcomes in the Baltimore Latino community. The project includes a multidisciplinary team whose members are patients and families, community leaders, healthcare administrators and researchers.

The Latino Child Healthy Weight Action Plan, 2020

What is Photovoice? Photovoice is a visual research methodology that allows participants to use photopgraphy to document, reflect upon, and communicate issues of concern in their communities, with the intention of fostering social change. With photovoice, participants take pictures of their surroundings, capturing the perspectives of their community and creating an open dialogue among community members and local organizations. Photovoice enhances community engagement, increases awareness of community resources, and fosters self-efficacy of the participants.

Patients and their families engage in Photovoice, a methodology used by Centro SOL that seeks to understand the barriers and advantages of our local community in being able to access treatment programs for children and generally, the ability of our community members to live a healthy lifestyle.

Our photovoice group consists of 9 youth and adult community members who meet biweekly in a community church.

The photo exhibit “Exhibición de fotografía” – The culmination of most traditional Photovoice projects is a photo exhibition to display the photos that the community members have taken during the Photovoice project, and to engage other community members and health professionals.

The Centro SOL Photovoice exhibition will take place on June 12th at the Enoch Pratt SE Anchor Library. The photos at the exhibit will display Latino childhood obesity and accessibility to living a healthy lifestyle through the eyes of the local community. Exhibiting the perspectives of our community member provides a special opportunity for Photovoice to reach new audiences in Baltimore and make a step in the right direction for Latino children in our city.

This event is free and open to the public. RSVP by filling out this form

The photovoice project is sponsored by the Patient Outcomes Research Institute and the Bloomberg American Health Initiative.

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