Research and Policy

We provide research consultation services and advocate for policies to improve health and opportunities for Latinxs. Our research is focused on understanding the disparities in healthcare and education.

Centro SOL advocates through research for new policy changes to benefit the Latino community at the local and state level.

Expertise - Centro SOL

Our fields of expertise

Research services

We use a bottom-up approach to research, with priorities driven by physicians providing direct clinical care to Latinx patients, and the patients themselves.

Policy Makers Advice

We work actively to put together healthcare leaders and community providers and build the right structural policies that bring change to the Latinx population.

Publications and Papers

We produce a variety of publications (scientific journals, policy position papers, editorials) to disseminate the issues faced by Latinxs in Baltimore and beyond.

Together We Achieve More

We are supported by a network of organizations that help us with our mission to improve the lives of thousands of people in the Latinx community. Make an impact. Become a partner.

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Centro SOL focuses on the Latinx community. We have diverse education and health programs to improve the lives of thousands of families. Learn more about how we make an impact.