Action Plan- Community-Centered Mental Health Innovations for Latinos
On May 19th, 2022, Centro SOL launched the Action Plan “Community-centered Mental Health innovations for Latinos“ – to expand depression prevention and treatment for Baltimore’s Latinos. This Action Plan reflects the voices of many diverse stakeholders. It provides an actionable framework for local health systems, community organizations, and regional policymakers to address depression among local Latinos. We offer this Action Plan as a guide to other cities with emerging Latino immigrant communities. We are confident you will see the value of this effort and support its sustainability.
Download the Action Plan. Citation (AMA 10th) Guerrero Vazquez M, Maksym M, Grieb SM, Joo JH, Platt ER, Polk S. Community-centered Mental health innovations for Latinos. Centro SOL, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 2022.
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