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Latino Mental Health Conference and Symposium

Latino Mental Health Conference and Symposium - Centro SOL

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Download the Action Plan “Community-centered Mental Health innovations for Latinos“. See more at Depression publications.

You can access the resources and details from the May 16th Symposium Latino Health Conference 2022.

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Pre-Conference Symposium

Monday May 16th, 1:00PM-6:00PM (in person only)

Participants will engage in group discussions, lectures and role-plays to build an understanding of cultural appropriateness with tools to guide underserved individuals to the resources that best meet their needs.


Thursday May 19th, 8:00AM-1:00PM (in person or virtual)

The conference presents an actionable framework for local health systems, community-based organizations and policymakers to use in addressing depression among Latinx communities in and around Baltimore.


Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (use the Monument Street entrance)

Conference information


Centro SOL

Panalists / Participants

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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Keynote Speakers and Panelists

Roberto Lewis-Fernández, MD - Centro SOL

Roberto Lewis-Fernández, MD

Keynote Speaker

Roberto Lewis-Fernández MD is Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University, Director of the New York State Center of Excellence for Cultural Competence and the Hispanic Treatment Program, and Co-Director of the Anxiety Disorder Clinic, at New York State Psychiatric Institute. His research focuses on developing culturally valid interventions and instruments to enhance patient engagement, reduce misdiagnosis, and help overcome disparities in the care of underserved cultural groups.

Carmen Alvarez, PhD, RN, NP-C, CNM, FAAN

Carmen Alvarez, PhD, RN, NP-C, CNM, FAAN

Carmen Alvarez is an associate professor in the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Inspired by her 15 years of primary care practice in community health centers, she works in collaboration with underserved and minoritized communities to address mental health and chronic disease disparities among survivors of adverse childhood experiences and intimate partner violence.

Crista M. Taylor - Centro SOL

Carmen Alvarez, PhD, RN, NP-C, CNM, FAAN

Crista M. Taylor is the President and CEO of Behavioral Health System Baltimore. A licensed clinical social worker, Ms. Taylor is recognized as a leader in behavioral health in Maryland. She has experience working with policymakers, provider organizations, elected officials and many community partners on innovative approaches to improving the behavioral health of Marylanders.

Joshua M. Sharfstein, MD

Carmen Alvarez, PhD, RN, NP-C, CNM, FAAN

Dr. Sharfstein is a pediatrician and the vice dean for public health practice and community engagement at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He is a former health commissioner of Baltimore and health secretary of Maryland.

Kate Farinholt - Centro SOL

Kate Farinholt

Kathryn (Kate) Farinholt is the Executive Director of NAMI Maryland (National Alliance on Mental Illness). More than 30 years ago, NAMI members helped Kate’s parents advocate for her sister with schizophrenia. In 1997 Kate was recruited to be a local and state NAMI board member and soon became the local affiliate Executive Director.

Nicki Sandusky McCann - Centro SOL

Nicki Sandusky McCann

Nicki McCann has served as vice president of provider/payer transformation for the Johns Hopkins Health System since 2019. In this role, she works alongside providers and community organizations to develop strategies and programs that improve patient-centered care, in alignment with the Maryland Total Cost of Care Model.

Stephanie Smith - Centro SOL

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie M. Smith is serving her first term in the Maryland House of Delegates where she represents Baltimore City’s 45th State Legislative District. She also chairs the Baltimore City House Delegation to the Maryland General Assembly. A Member of the House Appropriations Committee, Stephanie sits on the Education and Economic Development and Oversight Committee on Pensions Subcommittees. By day, Stephanie serves as an Assistant Director for Equity, Engagement and Communications in the City of Baltimore’s Department of Planning.

Zeke Cohen - Centro SOL

Zeke Cohen

Zeke has represented the First District on the Baltimore City Council since 2016. He ran for office with the belief that democracy only works when everyone has a voice in the process.

In July 2019, Zeke introduced the Elijah Cummings Healing City Act, making Baltimore the first city in the country to comprehensively legislate trauma-responsive care. The bill, which was signed into law in February 2020, and the movement that propelled it forward were created to help Baltimore heal from our enduring legacies of trauma, racism and violence.

Agenda: May 19th 2022

8.00 AM –
8.20 AM


8.20 AM –
8.30 AM

Opening – Cathy Brill, Executive Director, Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Foundation.

8.30 AM –
9.30 AM

Keynote speaker – Dr. Roberto Lewis-Fernández, Columbia University.

9.30 AM –
9.45 AM

Fortalece tu bienestar: Addressing Depression Stigma in Baltimore – Suzanne Grieb, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics.

Video – Addressing maternal depression among Latino mothers.

Marzena Maksym, Research Program Coordinator, Centro SOL.

9.45 AM –
11.00 AM

Panel on policy change – the mental health policymaking process to include uninsured Latinos.

Panelists: Baltimore Councilman Zeke Cohen, Maryland Delegate Stephanie Smith, Nicki Sandusky McCann. Moderator: Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein.

Closing Remarks: The Honorable Brandon M. Scott, Mayor of Baltimore City.

11.00 AM –
11.15 AM


11.15 AM –
11.30 AM

Video – Community centered approaches to depression among Latinos in Baltimore.

Monica Guerrero Vazquez, Executive Director, Confrence Director, Centro SOL.

11.30 AM –
12.45 PM

Panel on programming – best practices for providing mental health care and depression prevention and treatment to marginalized communities.

Panelists: Kate Farinholt – NAMI Maryland, Crista Taylor – Behavioral Health System Baltimore. Moderator: Carmen Alvarez, Ph.D.

12.45 AM –
13.00 PM

Call to action: Action plan, results and best practices.

Sarah Polk, Co-Director, Centro SOL, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University.

Rheanna Platt, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University.

13.00 PM

Lunch to take away.

(Optional) Conversación Comunitaria – La Importancia de incluir las voces de la comunidad en planificación de programas y proyectos de investigación.

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