Ellen Molino

We are grateful for the trailblazers who paved the way for all of us in our history and those who make our lives better day by day. We celebrate the life and contributions of our team members, colleagues, and allies this International Women’s History Month.

Ellen Molino

¿De dónde eres? comparte algo característico de tu lugar de origen. Where are you from? share something typical from where you are from.

Baltimore, MD. My favorite typical Baltimore pastime is having a crabfeast with friends and family during the Summer. It’s even better if the Orioles are playing well that season.

¿A qué te dedicas? What do you do?

I am a Research Program Manager for two of Centro SOL current grants that address disparities in physical and mental healthcare for Latino youth.

¿Qué te motiva? What inspires you?

A sense of community, belonging, and acceptance motivates me.

¿Qué le dirías a tu yo más joven sobre donde te encuentras ahora en tu vida? What would you tell your younger self about where you are in life?

You are enough and trust your instincts. Keep working on your Spanish and keep it up – it will serve you well!

Aunque todo lo que has hecho en tu vida es producto de tus esfuerzos, siempre tenemos personas que nos han apoyado a las que agradecer o recordar. ¿Quiénes son esas personas para tí y por qué? Although everything you’ve accomplished in your life is the product of your efforts, there are always people to thank or think about who supported you. Who are those people for you and why?

My parents provided me with the opportunity to attend college and study abroad, which absolutely opened many doors for me. They also gave me the freedom to make my own decisions and trusted me to forge my own path. I will always be grateful for their support in that way. My husband is my rock. I was able to depend on him while I developed a career that required me to travel internationally multiple times a year while we had young children.

¿Qué significa para ti la equidad en oportunidad para los Latinos? What does it mean for you equity in opportunity for Latinos?

I think that everyone, and especially every child, deserves the same opportunities regardless of their background, what language they speak, or where they were born. Currently, our system is not set up to enable this to happen. I’m grateful to be working on a team focused on the goal to change this and create a better world for Latino children.

¿Hay algo más que te gustaría compartir? Is there anything else you would like to share?

Me gustaría compartir que eso de hacer un mundo mejor es una tarea bien dificil y muchas veces pasan cosas que nos pueden hacer sentir frustradas y con ganas de abandonarlo todo. No nos dejemos vencer. Sigamos echandole ganas!

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