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The importance of personal hygiene, how to make if part of our daily life, how to involve our children in good personal hygiene habits, are some of the topics presented by Michael Melgar, and Jack Silberstein during the STDs, and Personal Hygiene sessions of the summer lectures.
In addition, Dr. Martha Velez, and Dr. Lisa DeCamp, both pediatricians at Johns Hopkins Bayview, answered questions related to children. Growth and development of a child are two different concepts, do you know the difference? Does my child needs a flu vaccine? How do I know if my child is having an asthma attack?

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The summer lectures take place at Sacred Heart church auditorium each Wednesday of July 2015, from 5:30 – 7pm, free for all. Sessions are an educational effort targeting Latinos in Baltimore, supported by faculty, students, and staff from Johns Hopkins. Sponsored by Centro SOL, Medicine for the Greater Good at Johns Hopkins Bayview, and Healthy Community Partnership.

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