Loyola Medical Center in Maywood Illinois studies show that approximately 200,000 persons are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in the State of Illinois. AD represents 60% of the cause of dementia identified in the Latino community. Onset on AD in the Latino community occurs up to five years early than in the white population. To see a real lasting change in the awareness of AD and, how people in the Latino community perceive it, LAMDA will offer 800 memory tests in Spanish through its principles collaborators to anyone concerned about memory loss or experiencing warning signs of dementia in Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Miami.
During the Latino Alzheimer’s Awareness Month LAMDA will train Health Promoters in San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago, and Miami to conduct memory screenings in Spanish.

En asociación con Centro SOL, y el Judy Center de John Ruhrah, la Alianza de Desordenes de Memoria y Alzheimer ofrece el taller de la memoria el 29 de Septiembre, 8am en John Ruhrah, en español, gratis. El taller está abierto para toda la comunidad, trabajadores comunitarios, y promotores de salud.

Update: More than 35 parents attended this session, and one community member of our Embajadores de Salud program. Thank you! Gracias!

2015 LAMDA Memory Screenings

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