Partners from Rite Aid Healthy Futures observe an AHF community session held on July 25 2023 in Highlandtown.

Partnering to Build a Healthier Future:  Rite Aid Healthy Futures Visits in Baltimore.

By Ellen Molino

Latino children have among the highest rates of early childhood obesity of any racial or ethnic group in the United States. Over a third (38%) of US Latino Children are overweight or obese. Many Latinos face unique barriers to maintaining good health, such as low wages, and limited access to employer-provided health insuranceAlso, language, culture, and immigration status can affect their access to health care.  

Active and Healthy Families (AHF) is a family-centered pediatric overweight group appointment program for overweight/obese Latino children developed by Contra Costa Health Services in California. AHF content draws on evidence-based national guidelines and was culturally tailored through discussions with Latino parents. Various adaptations were made in order to increase cultural relevance, including emphasizing a family-centered program, adding a promotora (community health worker), and considering risk factors specific to Latino children.  

With the support of Rite Aid Healthy Futures, Centro SOL has implemented the AHF program in Baltimore focusing on Latino patients at the Yard 56 Clinic at the Children’s Medical Practice of the Bayview Medical Center. Rite Aid’s support has enabled Centro SOL to hold 90 community AHF sessions for 100 families (119 children).  

On July 25, 2023, Centro SOL and Johns Hopkins Children’s Center staff hosted our partners from Rite Aid Healthy Futures during their recent site visit. We appreciated the opportunity to share the program’s positive impact on the Latino community in Baltimore and discuss how we can work together to expand its reach. Recent participants in the program graciously shared their personal experiences about how the program changed their eating and physical activity habits for the better.  

We are grateful for Rite Aid Healthy Futures’ support and collaboration in fulfilling our shared mission to improve the lives of children in Baltimore. Thank you! 


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