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Project Title

Mi Familia Entera: Maternal contraceptive use and assessment of family planning clinic websites in Latina mothers of young children.

Project Summary

This study, completed in 2018, had two aims. The first aim was to characterize contraceptive use, need, and knowledge among immigrant Latina mothers who seek care for their children, ages 0-36 months, at an urban pediatric primary care clinic. The second aim was to assess the usability and acceptability of two bilingual family planning websites to address mothers’ needs.  

Study participants were Spanish speaking Latina mothers of patients at the Children’s Medical Practice whose youngest child was less than three years old and were not pregnant at the time of enrollment. A total of 194 women were enrolled in the study and completed an orally administered REDCap multiple-choice survey, which included questions on sociodemographic characteristics, and contraceptive use, need, and knowledge. A random subsample of 20 women assessed the usability of two family planning websites using an orally administered standardized satisfaction survey, the System Usability Scale (SUS).  

The results of this study are expected to be disseminated at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting in May of 2019.

Project Details

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Principal InvestigatorFunder
Caballero, Tania – MD, MHSAPA Bright Futures
DepartmentProject Start Date
Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine9/1/2017
Co – Principal InvestigatorProject End Date
Ross DeCamp, Lisa – MD, MSPH7/31/2018
Other Co – Principal InvestigatorsTeam Members
N/AAndrada, Carolina – BA
Bou Delgado, Laura – BA
Cook, Isabella
Edwardson, Jill – MD, MPH
Polk, Sarah -MD, ScM
Rincon Caciedo, Mariana – BS
Rivera Rodriguez, Tatiahna – BA, MS
Tulcher, Amanda – BS
Upadhya, Krishna – MD


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