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Take Action. Use your voice to fight stigma. 

Depression and other mental illnesses are still stigmatized. Stigma can prevent people from seeking the help or treatment they need. People can feel ashamed for something that is out of their control. We can all fight stigma and do our part to help lessen the burden of mental illness on others—and ourselves.

Centro SOL runs a social media campaign to end the stigma around mental health and depression in the Latino community Fortalece tu bienestar.  One of the components of the awareness campaign is printed articles in a local newspaper in Spanish

We invite mental health clinicians, public health workers and educators, counselors, therapists, or related fields to be an active actor in Fortalece tu bienestar campaign and to write an article that will help to fight stigma. You can educate our community about depression symptoms, treatment, prevention, etc. 

We encourage prospective authors before submitting their articles for consideration to read the following: 

Submission guidelines 

Articles need to meet the following requirements to be considered:  

  • A word count of approximately 300 words. 
  • Article can be written in first or third person. 
  • The article should be in MS Word 
  • Images should be submitted in JPED or PNG format as separate files. 
  • Target audience is lay community members (reading level is 6th grade). 

Publication process 

If your article is accepted by the campaign Editor, the Centro SOL Team will work with you through the following process: 

  • Any significant changes or queries are returned to the author for review and comment. 
  • The article is finalized and proofread. 
  • A Centro SOL designer completes the layout of the article. 
  • The article is published in a local newspaper in Spanish in printed version and highlighted on the website.  
  • The article is promoted via social media Centro SOL channels. 

Copyright details  

The author/s warrant Centro SOL and its affiliates that their article does not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights. 

Centro SOL has rights to use the article for educational purposes.

No promotion of the services.

To get an idea of the type of articles we publish, view previous articles on the Centro SOL website.

Ready to submit? Fill out the form. 

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