Community Health Centre #1

Did you know that Latino population in Baltimore has increased? Indeed, over 134% in around 10 years.
What does this mean? This means a great asset for our city, new culture, new faces, new colors, new traditions, new food…have you tried tacos, enchiladas, pollo a la brasa, mote, tortillas, and so on and on?. Unfortunately, new comers lack access to healthcare and higher education, which has slowed the pace of adapting local services to suit their needs.

Hopkins is committed to implement “an innovative model of care”  [..] “aimed at improving the health of populations” and to create a culture of diversity and inclusion. And we are aligend with that effort, it is one of our major interests to promote equity in health and opportunity for Latinos.

One of our endeavors is to create a space for cultural exchange and education further than the clinical setting. Our Education Core aims to create projects that serve as a path to diversity and inclusion. We offer our volunteers the opportunity to learn and share their knowledge, and at the same time, we involve our community the channel to connect, learn and grow.

InterCultura for Health is an idea based on meeting a basic need: language and cultural exchange. Unable to express ideas can make the intergation experience a struggle for a new comer, and a barrier to career options for youth. InterCultura is organized as weekly meetings where Hopkins students mentor Latino High School students, using existing programs (Mi Espacio) and resources and providing whatever needed to succeed. This project offers a door to new opportunities, learn about career options, health system, and improve communication skills. Each session is carefully planned, so students make the most of their time.

See here some of the activities we have had so far with our students. Stay tuned for more coming!

This is a team effort, and thus we appreciate CASA de Maryland and Mi Espacio, JHU SOM Office of Student Affairs, JHU Diversity Leadership Council, Centro SOL faculty and staff, and everyone involved across Hopkins, community organizations and leaders and most importantly the community that are open and willing to strive.


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