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The Embajadores de Salud (Health Ambassadors) program is focused on improving the community well-being by promoting healthy habits. Participants learn about health including nutrition. Currently, participants include entire families who want to learn more about their own health.

Last month, the team had their first Healthy Recipes/Recetas Saludables Contest. 6 great plates made with ingredients from daily kitchen, brought the team together to eat, have fun and promote healthy eating.

The recipes are in English and Spanish. They were reviewed by a nursing student, and a judging panel of Hopkins members along with community participants, choose their favorite and healthy plate.

Everyone is a winner for betting on their health! Gracias a todos por participar en el concurso, a los jueces, a la audiencia, a Bienestar Baltimore por proporcionar ejercicios y charla y sobre todo a las cocineras. Thank you everyone for supporting our mission!

Download the Recipes book here.

The contest has been funded with grants from Johns Hopkins Alumni Association and Healthy Community Partnerships at Johns Hopkins Bayview. Thanks Living Classrooms for letting us use the space at Patterson Park!

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