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What is hypertension? how do I know I have diabetes? what can I do to prevent heart disease? What is too much alcohol? when do I know that I am an addict? what is mental health? where can I find support?
Dr. Marcelo Batkis and Donna Batkis talked to our community about mental health and substance abuse, and Drew White, talked about diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the two first sessions of the summer lectures of Embajadores de Salud, answering these and other questions.

¿Quiere aprender sobre temas de salud, cómo conocer los riesgos, cómo prevenir, y dónde encontrar algunos recursos? No se pierda las próximas charlas de salud gratis en la Iglesia Sagrado Corazón en Highlandtown, 600 S. Conkling St.


The summer lectures take place at Sacred Heart church auditorium each Wednesday of July 2015, from 5:30 – 7pm, free for all. Sessions are an educational effort targeting Latinos in Baltimore, supported by faculty, students, and staff from Johns Hopkins. Sponsored by Centro SOL, Medicine for the Greater Good at Johns Hopkins Bayview, and Healthy Community Partnership.

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