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Hola! Last summer, we hosted a series of lectures about health oriented to the community. What is really innovative about this is that they charlas are in Spanish. You may probably know that Baltimore Latino population  has grown over 130% in the last two decades, according to Census 2010.

And you may know that Hispanics are more susceptible to disease like diabetes or hypertension. Knowing this fact, increase the prevention chances for our community.

Language as a barrier for many Latino immigrants, has easy solutions like providing cultural competent services. These series started in 2013, and due to the well-acceptance among participants, this summer we will host the third summer of SUMMER LECTURES en Español!

Miércoles de Julio 2015, 5:30pm en el auditorio de la Iglesia Sagrado Corazón, 600 S. Conkling st. Baltimore, MD 21224

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