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On Jan. 6, tradition in many countries in Latin America and Spain, Día de Reyes (Three Wise Kings). Our community shared three things, one thing they wish for the new year, one thing they are thankful for the past year and how they feel today. Their responses will open your mind.

Share one thing you wish for the new year….

I wish that this year we will all have papers to work and live calm with our families.

I wish to be with my family, not being separated and with my kids healthy.

I wish to keep coming to these programs and learn and meet people.

I wish to be healthy, which is very important to work. I wish we can be a strong community regardless of where we are from.

I wish this year congress can pass a bill to keep families together and allow people to work.

Share one thing you are thankful for….

I am thankful for my family, that we are all together.

I am thankful that I had the opportunity to meet this group and participate with the community and do other things that make me feel better. I exercise and talk about my stress and that has changed me and how a live. I am thankful that Centro SOL is helping us.

I am thankful that my kids are healthy and my family together.

I am thankful that I had the chance to see my family.

I am thankful that we have professionals who care about us and do things like this to help us.

I am thankful for this program, now I take things calmer, and I am less angry with my loved ones.

Are you less stressed during Testimonios?


We are learning how to deal with our problems. Because we now know how to exercise to relax, and have the chance to talk about our problems in a safe place.

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