In support of Latino immigrants in Baltimore, our colleague Alizay Jalisi has prepared a series of posts to tell their stories.

Estamos pasando por cosas muy delicadas

“Mi niña fue abusada sexualmente. Yo sentía culpa la más dolorosa…como un golpe. No pensaba que era nuestra realidad. Ahora estamos viviendo nuestra vida normal…pienso que estamos mejor. Pero hay días que recuerdo ese día. Por eso, estamos evitando cosas negativas en la tele. Yo también tengo que ver a la psicóloga. Me frustra que soy inmigrante, que no tengo seguro…muchas cosas. Y soy madre soltera. Siento deprimida, como sola.”

“We are having a tough time. My daughter was sexually abused. I felt as if it was my fault and it hurt like a punch. I couldn’t imagine that this was our reality. Now, we live a normal life, I think we are doing better. But there are days when I remember that day. That’s why we avoid watching serious things on TV. I also see a psychologist. I’m frustrated that I’m an immigrant, that I don’t have insurance…many things. And I’m a single mother. I feel depressed, as I am alone.”

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Disclosure: stories are anonymous and any comments may not represent Centro SOL’s or its affiliates opinions. Any images were taken with the consent of the participant, and were taken by Alizay Jalisi.

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