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Project Title

C-K-READY Study: The Impact of CenteringParenting on School Readiness

Project Summary

Disparities in early childhood development increase risk for stunted academic achievement throughout the life course. Primary care is a universal exposure in early childhood and therefore is a significant entry point for promoting optimal child development.  There is a need to provide effective, low-cost, and scalable interventions in primary care to support early childhood development. The CenteringParenting (CP) intervention is designed to reduce negative health and developmental outcomes by supporting healthy parent-child interactions and early learning through education and experiential learning within group-based well-child visits. To date, there is no evidence of benefit of CP on school readiness or improvements in parental behaviors that support optimal developmental milestones and achievement.

The intent of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the CP intervention on school readiness in early childhood, as measured by language development at 24 months (in addition to health care utilization, breastfeeding practice, child routine care maintenance, parenting stress, caregiver behaviors and attitudes) through a cluster randomized controlled trial of CP vs. Routine Well Child Care (Delayed-Start CP). Of note, 70 clinical sites have been awarded funding through a separate Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI) grant to start CP at their sites.  CHI will provide the technical assistance and training to facilitate CP implementation at each site. We will recruit 10 sites to participate in this cluster-RCT from the pool of funded clinical sites. Depending on random assignment, we will ask sites to either start CP when they are ready (CP -intervention arm) or delay the start of CP by 2-3 months (Delayed-Start CP – control arm) to allow for a comparison group.

Project Details

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Principal InvestigatorFunder
Boynton-Jarrett, Renee – MD, ScDOverdeck Family Foundation
DepartmentProject Start Date
Pediatrics, Boston Medical Center09/05/2018
Co – Principal InvestigatorProject End Date
Garg, Arivn, MD, MPH12/31/2010
Other Co – Principal InvestigatorsTeam Members
Polk, Sarah – MD, ScM
Platt, Rheanna – MD, MPH
De Ornelas, Maria
Viglione, Clare Madeline Carmen – MPH


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