First Week of Youth Summer Program – Centro SOL


So we asked the scholars to tell us about how they saw their first week of this journey. And they already use “life-changing experience”, “inspired”, “dream”, and “college”…Yes! We are changing lives! Read here their summary!
Monday July 7, 2014

The students at the Youth Summer Program had their first day of work. It was very exciting and nerve-wrecking for the students because for most of them it was their first “job”. The students spent the day with Monica Guerrero- Vazquez. They spent the day getting a feel of what is to come in the next few weeks. They walked around the campus trying to memorize where everything is.

week 1 childlife

Tuesday July 8, 2014

The student met with Dr. Kathleen Page, the director of the program. Everyone was very excited to talk to her. She talked to the students about her college experience and her life changing journey around the world. Her thoughts inspired many of the students to pursue their dreams no matter what anyone says because if you believe you can then you will. The students then took part in a scavenger hunt. They had to look for different doctors, workers, and staff members around the campus as an activity to get to know the people they will be working with.

week 1 meeting Dr Page

Wednesday July 9, 2014

The students spent the first half of their day at the Bayview Campus. Monica Guerrero- Vazquez talked to them about punctuations and accents on Spanish words and their importance. They then headed to the E. Baltimore Campus for the second half of the day. They got to see the Da Vinci machine and they also got to play with it. The Da Vinci machine is a robot that is operated by doctors to do surgeries. The students were very excited about seeing different surgery equipment and simulations that students use to improve their hand stability skills.

week 1 MISTC Center

Thursday July 10, 2014

The students went to the E. Baltimore Campus. It was an intro to the interpreting they are going to do. They learned about cultural competence and ethics of interpreting with Mini Milhotra. The students will be shadowing interpreters when they “work” at the E. Baltimore Campus.

week 1 JHI Language

Friday July 11, 2014

The students went to the E. Baltimore Campus. They went to the Simulation Center. The students were very excited to see the Sim dolls because of their accurate resemblance to a human being. They got to see a Sim doll that gives birth. They got to talk to technician who told them about his college experience at Hopkins. A lady expert at the center also talked to the students. She explained her long journey in college and some of the obstacles she faced. She also gave the students advice for college. We also had a conversation about careers related with health with  the program Director, a grad student and a student in medicine. They gave us an insight on what it took them to get where they are now.

week 1 DOME


Note from the Center: Thanks to all hosts of the first week, in particular, MISTIC, SIM Center, Student Affairs Office, CMP Clinic at JH Bayview, LMSA and all the professionals supporting this program and welcoming the scholars.
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