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10/8/2014 The Walk has been rescheduled to Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014, 10am.
Yes, we have a team for the Heart Walk! The EmbajadoresdeSaludYoPuedo team.

Join us, support us and support the American Heart Association!

And if you need them, here the reasons to join us:

1. Great things happen if we work as a community!

The Embajadores de Salud Yo Puedo program started this year, as an effort to improve health of our community, particularly the underinsured population, through education and exercise. From Johns Hopkins: students, faculty and staff have supported this effort by sharing their knowledge, preparing workouts and supporting the community. From the community: women, men, children, families up for their health. Attend the lectures about health after a hard week of work, commit to come and overcome challenges.

2. Know your own potential

Some of the participants have never participated on a competition, and now they are going for their second challenge after their first 5K! Some participants are over 60, some share with us that they had knee pain, and now they don’t feel it anymore, some walk longer and keep healthy habits…it’s inspiring and motivating sharing those stories. Challenge yourself!

3. Meet your neighborhood and your neighbors

Baltimore is a “welcoming city“, and so has a lot of new people, new places to find and new cultures! Come to the streets and amaze yourself! Are you new to the city? to the neighborhood? breath fresh air and meet new people with the Embajadores. We were totally strangers, and now we are a team, join our team!

4. Improve your health

Monthly talks about a health topic to prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or hypertension, and also nutrition with traditional ingredients, monthly weight follow up and blood pressure screenings, and more! Come learn and share your best recipes, taste delicious food and become healthier!

5. Be happy!

Well, self-explanatory, anywhere, anytime, be happy!and all of the above

Nosotros podemos!

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