July 24 .- The Centro Sol Summer Youth Program is well in its course. We are in our fourth week and the students have been pretty busy. Throughout the course of the program, there have been several events as well as research preparation and presentations. If that were not enough, they have also been getting their daily “workouts,” walking through and to the Johns Hopkins campuses, as they get to shadow some of the best physicians, and professional interpreters, this country has seen. They are shining stars!
You can see them in action in the following pictures from the last couple of weeks. Bellow, you can see our students participate in the RISE UP presentations, where other students talked about their research, including topics like obesity, or STDs. These presentations allow our students to act as observers as well as learn the ins- and outs- of public presentations. Hopefully they were able to learn much in preparation for our closing session!

Thank you to our hosts, speakers, mentors, and supporters!

This post was written in collaboration with Herty Cortez-Diaz, Summer Intern
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