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By Monica Guerrero Vazquez

Every day I cross paths with a young person who is eager to learn and thrive. That same person often times face multiple systemic barriers that impact their future. The youth program has been evolving since Dr. Kathleen Page established in back in 2014. Dozens of youth have completed our summer and mentoring programs. We are proud to recognize each of them by strengthening and improving our curriculum. This year, we are grateful to expand our youth programs. In collaboration with Esperanza Center, we will host the Teen Testimonios summer camp a six weeks program for newly arrived youth to navigate mental health education, education and cultural awareness. In addition, we will continue an improved summer program for youth who participated in our mentoring program. Finally, we will close the summer with the family camp to educate parents and youth on suicide prevention.

Behind all this work, we have started the youth leadership initiative with the support from researcher Dr. Tamar Mendelson. Our young leaders serve as research assistants and will spend their summer gaining mentoring skills with other youth.

The leadership initiative is an important step to achieve our mission to diversify the workforce.

Meet the young leaders

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