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Unpacking Trauma. Exploring the Mental Health of Baltimore’s Youth.

Participation is crucial for advocacy work. Centro SOL joined Behavioral Health System Baltimore, NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore, Maryland-Peer Advisory Council and the Black Mental Health Alliance for Education & Consultation, Inc. for an important conversation on the risk factors impacting the mental health of Baltimore City youth. To advocate for equitable care for our communities.

“Immigrant and refugee youth are fleeing violence, war and trying to find better futures. Understanding of their experiences is limited and sometimes there is no support. This can increase the risk of mental illness like anxiety and depression.” said Monica Guerrero Vazquez, Centro SOL Executive Director.

Watch the full conversation on the risk factors impacting Baltimore City youth mental health and check out existing resources to support the youth in your life.

Honoring Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month – Behavioral Health System Baltimore, Inc. (bhsbaltimore.org)

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