August 19.- Teen Testimonios Summer Program has been operating during the summer months July and August. The students in this programs have been exposed to resources and experiences to strengthen their connection with their new home. Baltimore as a welcoming city has many things to offer to kids and their families, but it is important to provide a hub for them to learn where and how to find those things, as offered at Teen Testimonios.
The Baltimore and Science field trip took the participants of Teen Testimonios to NASA Goddard Flight Space Center. To start the visit, students received an introduction that explained where Earth is in the Milky Way Galaxy. The students received a tour and teaching session from Operations Manager Dhyan J Emmanuel, and Engineer Russell Werneth. Both of them talked to students about the James Webb Telescope (pic below) which was their favorite part of the visit. The students also visited the testing center where all tools are created and tested, and learned about different careers at NASA “we need you, not everybody at NASA is an engineer” said Mr. Werneth.

This trip was possible thanks to NASA staff: Cate Maynard, Colleen O’Hagan Porton, Dhyan J Emmanuel, Russell Werneth, and all who welcomed us at the Goddard Center, and JHSPH staff: Joseph O’Hagan.

Teen Testimonios is sponsored by the Urban Health Institute, Blaustein Foundation, Family League of Baltimore.

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