Youth Mentoring Program

About the Mentoring and Tutoring Program

We believe that advocating for the Latinx youth is the key to establishing our vision for equitable and culturally competent healthcare for the Latinx community. Because of this belief, we started the Summer Scholars Program. A five-week program that allows Latinx youth an insight into the healthcare and medical field. However, the support needed for the Latinx student to advance in these fields is far greater than what the program could offer. Furthermore, the Latinx youth are often left to themselves to navigate an American school system and as first-generation student they require guidance to apply to the university. Therefore, we created the Youth Mentoring Program to provide the Latinx youth with yearlong support throughout their high school education; in hopes of leveling the playing field. In pursuit of representation and cultural competence of the Latino experience in Heathcare.  

Why this program?

With the Mentoring Program, Centro SOL aims to empower Latinx youth by connecting them with passionate mentors that can offer meaningful guidance and support. More specifically, we aim for mentors to enlighten students about the college application process, financial aid, course selection, homework help, employment opportunities, and other topics as deemed necessary.

Steps to become a Mentee, Mentor or Tutor

For Mentees

1. Commit at least 2 hours a week for a minimum of 5 months
2. Demonstrate patience, open-mindedness, engagement and respect 
at all times
3. Be attentive to email and text correspondence
4. Transportation may be arranged

For Mentors

1. Complete at least 2 hours a week
2. Commit for at least 4 months
3. Complete Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Training, dated within the past year
4. Be attentive to email correspondence with students
Transportation may be arranged to the meeting location (case by case)

For Tutors

1. Complete Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Training, dated this year
2. Be consistent with attendance
3. Arrange for own transportation to meeting location

Apply now

Applications are currently being accepted!

Contact Us

Please contact us if you would like to get involved or present to our students this summer. Any questions, comments or suggestions can be sent directly to the Youth Pipeline Coordinator