Embajadores de Salud

Committee: Drew White, Monica Guerrero Vazquez

Goal: To educate the community through lectures and follow-up physical activities to healthier habits and improve their health, through participatory sessions attending participants needs and restrictions.

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1. To create a group of participation and interaction

  • Medical Students participated in the first kick-off and start events to set goals and meet-and-great participants and volunteers.
  • Medical students are organized in groups as leaders of community participants (families)

2. To generate an active calendar for follow-up and workouts

  • Small groups have been created based in location and times preferences
  • Volunteers have been assigned to each group
  • Small groups will meet every two weeks, and a general meeting will take place once a month.
  • Mid-meetings are open, depending on availability
  • Monthly meetings will include lectures (hypertension, dibates, …) and workouts (also included in the bi-weekly meetings.

3. To track the progress of participant’s health


  • Reminders are sent to participant every week
  • We keep a list of attendees with dates of attendance and blood-preasure and weight

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