Latino Family Advisory Board

The Children’s Medical Practice Advisory Board (CFAB) was established following the success of the LFAB to incorporate the perspective of English-speaking parents of children receiving care at the Children’s Medical Practice into the advisory board structure. The main purpose of the CFAB is also to serve as advisors to clinicians to improve the CMP and the care provided to their children.

Latino Family Advisory Board - Consejo de Familias Latinas - Centro SOL

The CFAB currently has 8 members. Recruitment took place through clinician recommendations. The CFAB is actively recruiting members. Any parent whose child receives care at the CMP is eligible to join. Please contact us at if you are interested in joining. The CFAB meets quarterly from September – June.

CFAB meetings are currently not open to guests.

LFAB currently has 16 members and meets monthly from September through June. Initial recruitment took place through clinician recommendations, but currently is driven by recommendations from current members.

Individuals who would like to meet with the LFAB to receive feedback on research or clinical issues may request either a 30-minute or 60-minute time slot at an LFAB meeting. In order to cover meeting costs and the stipends for the LFAB participants, a fee of $600 is charged for 30 minutes and $750 is charged for 60 minutes.

Representation of Members

Latino Family Advisory Board - Consejo de Familias Latinas - Centro SOL

Member Summary

– 17 active board members from throughout Latin America

– number of parent participants at each meeting: 12-14

– mean time for receipt of care at general pediatrics clinic : 8 years (range 2-14y)

–Mean length of stay in the United States: 14 years (10-26y)

– majority of mothers have less than a HS education

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