Research Consultation Services

Purpose: To support Johns Hopkins’ researchers in conducting high quality health research inclusive of Latino populations, especially those with limited English proficiency (LEP).

Priority Need Areas:

  1. Facilitate inclusivity of LEP populations in research through providing
    1. baseline population data,
    2. support for protocol development and implementation, and
    3. sharing of best practices for data collection and analysis
  2. Spanish language consent forms
  3. Preliminary data to support grant proposals (Cell phone/internet use, literacy/health literacy)
  4. Facilitate community engagement

Proposed Services:

  1. General Support Areas
    1. Providing assistance with tailoring research protocols and grant applications to the unique features of the local Latino  populations (diverse countries of origin, recent  immigration)
    2. Evaluate the feasibility of local LEP/Latino recruitment given study eligibility criteria
    3. Expand existing research protocols to include LEP Spanish speakers
    4. Development and translation of recruitment material, consent forms, and data collection instruments
    5. Assessment of research document translation suitability and cultural appropriateness
    6. Assistance with research staffing
    7. Best practices for analysis of qualitative data collected in non-English languages
    8. Spanish-language voice recording for ACASI
  2. Services will be provided based on an hourly rate for staff time to complete consultation and the proposed work
    1. Depending on the nature of the work Centro SOL faculty staff may extend their role to work with the study as a co-investigator and cover costs of services through percent effort
    2. Centro SOL will work closely with BEAD core faculty and staff to support investigators with statistical and data management needs as these are beyond the scope of Centro SOL staff. There are current existing working relationships between the BEAD core and Centro SOL. This will promote availability of comprehensive support in the same physical location to those investigators who may need this.

Research services: If you are interested in receiving any assistance with your project, please fill this form out Then we can meet and talk further on your interests with the Latino population.

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