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  • Provide mental health support to the newly arrived adolescents in Baltimore.


Teen Testimonios was established in Fall 2015 to prevent mental health problems in trauma-exposed immigrant Latino/a teens in Baltimore City. This unique program serves minors who have had multiple traumatic experiences including family separation, the physical and emotional hardship of crossing the US border, adjusting to life in a new country and new household and living in poverty. Bilingual social workers lead the groups and teach students coping skills for dealing with trauma-induced stress, problem-solving skills, and self-awareness strategies, increase their knowledge of available resources to manage stressors in their lives, and mutual aid strategies to enable them to serve as a resource and a leader for their peers.

Support Groups

This is the list of schools that are providing support groups as part of Teen Testimonios:

1. Commodore John Rogers
2. Digital High School
3. Fallstaff Elementary/Middle School
4. Graceland Park Elementary School
5. Highlandtown 215 Elementary/Middle School
6. Highlandtown 237 Elementary/Middle School
7. John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School
8. New Era High School
9. Northwestern High School
10. Patterson High School
11. Reginald F Lewis High School


  • Teen Testimonios Summer Program field trips funded by The Family League of Baltimore, 2016, 2017

The Teen Testimonios will offer engaging activities to newly arrived kids middle and high-school-ages. The Family League of Baltimore has awarded the proposal to support this program that will compliment the overall summer programmming.

  • Teen Testimonios Summer Program funded by the Morton K. and Jane Blausten Foundation, 2016

The Teen Testimonios summer program provides positive group activities for immigrant Latino youth who are at high risk of mental health problems and school drop-out, but who cannot afford or who are ineligible for existing summer programs. Teen Testimonios bridges the summer gap for students who need psychosocial support and who need to continue improving their English proficiency.

  • Teen Testimonios funded by the Urban Health Institute, 2015

The program receives an award from the Urban Health Institute to pilot at Baltimore City Schools. The program runs with he support of schools’ staff and bilingual social workers.

De aquí en adelante/From here forward

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