Yo Puedo (I Can)

Goal: To educate the community through lectures and follow-up physical activities to healthier habits and improve their health, through participatory meetings attending participants needs and restrictions.

Yo Puedo, an important component of Embajadores de Salud (Health Ambassadors) program, started in 2014 as an effort to extend the lessons learned during the summer lectures about health topics, to an active and healthier life. Most of our participants are Spanish speakers only, with limited English proficiency.

During the last months, the program has met bi-monthly the first four months, and weekly for four months until now, recruited more than 40 people including summer lectures and Yo Puedo, a permanent cohort of 15 people participated in the first 5K training plan for over 4 months, all of them run the race and two more registered in the last minute. Some participants bring their families (children, husbands and other relatives).

The core program has exercises, monthly lectures and monthly follow ups on blood pressure, weight and circumference.

The year round plan for the 2014/2015 sessions is as follows:

October 6, 18 Enfermedades del corazon / Heart diseases
November 3, 22 Ataque al corazon / Heart attack
December 1, 20 La actividad fisica / Physical activity
January 5, 17 Presion arterial / Blood pressure
February 2, 21 Su colesterol / Cholestrol
March 2, 21 Un peso saludable / Healthy weight
April 6, 18 Diabetes / Diabetes
May 4, 16 Comidas saludables para el corazon / Healthy food for the heart
June 1 Repaso y graduacion / review and Graduation

Volunteers sign up

Call to Hopkins students (Grad and undergrad), residents, faculty and staff:

Join the health talks and workout sessions by signing up here: http://goo.gl/forms/W4KWd1mp76

Roles description:

  • Embajador 1 & 2: leads the session for exercises and health talks. The Hopkins embajador is paired with a community member who co-leads the session .
  • Promotor 1 & 2: support and help workouts and health talks. Monitor attendance and collect health data.
  • Supervisor: monitor kids and their safety. Children usually can participate during adults training.

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