Summer Lectures

Part of the education process of this program is the Summer Lectures series. Sessions take place in the summer, in partnerships with local organization that host the meetings.

The model for the lectures is meant to be open to the community, short presentations made by faculty and residents from Johns Hopkins and finally, interaction with the community.

Lecturers are recruited during meetings and conversations about the Latino population, while addressing the needs and searching solutions, through the great Centro SOL / HOLA (Hopkins Organization of Latino Awareness) network and with the collaboration of other Hopkins groups and organizations, particularly with the Healthy Communities Partnership – HCP.

Attendees are invited through community organizations and local events.

The Summer Lectures series is the beginning for the Yo Puedo part of Embajadores de Salud. Yo Puedo puts in practice and reinforces the lessons learned in the classroom, with workouts and lectures. Read more about Yo Puedo here

Some of the topics covered during the summer lectures includes:

  • Hypertension (Hipertensión)
  • ETS (STDs)
  • Substance abuse (alcohol y otras drogas)
  • Cardiovascular diseases (ataque al corazón, derrame cerebral)
  • Mental Health (depresión y otros problemas de salud mental)
  • Pediatric issues (desarrollo saludable de niños y jóvenes)
  • Flu, asthma and allergies (gripe, asma y alergias)
  • Etc.

Follow the progress of the summer program in our blog.

This program is possible thanks to the generous time dedicated by residents, faculty and staff from Hopkins Bayview. But specially, thanks to community organizations and leaders.

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