Sugerencias para hablar con niños y jóvenes después de un evento traumático

El 20 de marzo, Maryland se despertó con la triste noticia de que tres jóvenes perdían la vida a causa de un tiroteo en una escuela. Read the full story in The Baltimore Sun. Te dejamos una guía con sugerencias para padres, cuidadores y maestros con recomendaciones sobre qué hacer después de un desastre o evento traumático. Los padres, maestros y otros cuidadores pueden ayudar a los niños a expresar sus emociones a través de la conversación, escritura, dibujo y canto. La mayoría de los niños desean hablar acerca de un trauma, déjelos hacerlo. Acepte sus sentimientos y dígales que … Continue reading

From here forward/De aquí en adelante – community support

In light of the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, we were one of many organizations who felt it necessary to address the heightened uncertainty and concern among the immigrant population here in Baltimore.  After reaching out to a number of other community organizations in the greater Baltimore community, it became clear that our initiative should be centered on two main components: mental health and knowledge of rights. Over the ensuing weeks, we began collaborating with a number of community partners, including The Newcomer Project, Mayor’s Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs (MIMA), Soccer Without Borders, and CASA de Maryland.  … Continue reading

Testimonios support group is getting ready for its third year!

Great news for our families, Testimonios the mental health support group for Latino adults, will be planning to continue for its third consecutive year. April 6, 2016 .- The Executive Committee met to deliverate about the progress, and other key factors for the future of the program which is undergoing an evaluation. The committee unanimously decided to continue offer services for the next semester – May – October’16. The Executive Committee will meet again later this year to re-evaluate the continuation for the second semester of the program’s third year – November’16 – April’17. The prevision is optimistic, and the program will be planning operations until the end of April 2017. Thank you … Continue reading

4 Things I have learned about Testimonios

At Centro SOL, we are proud and glad to work with amazing individuals who are committed to improve the lives of Latinos. Read this blog post by Alizay Jalisi, Johns Hopkins Student who is collaborating in the “evaluation of Testimonios” project with Dr. Kathleen Page, MD, Centro SOL coDirector, and co-chair of Testimonios. Last May, the Testimonios community welcomed me to its weekly meetings, and I have been going back ever since. My Name is Alizay Jalisi and I am undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University, majoring Molecular & Cellular Biology and Spanish. I became involved with Testimonios last year … Continue reading

Testimonios support group, extended!

We are thrilled to have the support of JHU Therapists, Social Worker and other physicians on board to support Testimonios. Testimonios is the mental health support group, created to offer a safe place to talk about struggles Latino immigrants face, and relief the need of someone to listen to them. You can learn more about the program on the Testimonios page. The program has been extended one year, and will include an interim progress review. When refering a person to participate in the program, please email with the person’s name and phone number, so we can remind them about each session. 3 … Continue reading

Día de Reyes -Three Kings celebration

On Jan. 6, tradition in many countries in Latin America and Spain, Día de Reyes (Three Wise Kings). Our community shared three things, one thing they wish for the new year, one thing they are thankful for the past year and how they feel today. Their responses will open your mind. Share one thing you wish for the new year…. I wish that this year we will all have papers to work and live calm with our families. I wish to be with my family, not being separated and with my kids healthy. I wish to keep coming to these programs and … Continue reading

2014 the year in review Centro SOL – Infographic

Happy 2015! Feliz 2015! What is Centro SOL? What has our team accomplished in 2014? Learn what we do, where we do it and who we serve and work with…Getting ready for an exceptional 2015! Stay tuned for what’s coming! Thank you for all you do with and for us! Gracias por todo lo que hace con y por nosotros!

6 more months – Testimonios

It’s official, Testimonios support group has been extended 6 more months! Free, for immigrants facing stress, a group to prevent mental health issues. Es oficial, el grupo de apoyo Testimonios ha sido extendido 6 meses más! Gratis, para inmigrantes que enfrentan estrés, un grupo para prevenir problemas de salud mental.

10 reasons to be a volunteer -Testimonios

We are excited to start planning the round 2 of Testimonios. We started 6 months ago without any clue what would happen after that time, but time is here, and we are moving forward. To learn more about Testimonios you can read the page describing the program. Here we can tell you that the group started in May this year, and has been reinforced as community and professionals met. The group is facilitated by JHU psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. The help for our Latino neighbors has been tremendous, because the mental health service in Spanish is a huge need and … Continue reading