Our Latino Youth: “Up and Coming”

José Domínguez, un joven mexicano, cuya capacidad de lucha y resistencia ejemplar, ha recibido el premio 2017 “Up and Coming” del Mid-Atlantic Consortium, Inc, una organización regional que se enfoca en el desarrollo de estudiantes y organizaciones. José fue uno de los primeros participantes del programa de becarios de Centro SOL en 2014, y fue invitado a participar en 2015 y 2017. El programa de becarios de Centro SOL es para estudiantes de alto nivel de rendimiento interesados en ciencias y medicina. La determinación de José en convertirse en ingeniero ha sido más grande que cualquier barrera imaginable. Él fue … Continue reading

Centro SOL Summer Youth – Johns Hopkins Underrepresented in Medical Professions

Centro SOL has collaborated for the third consecutive year with the Johns Hopkins Underrepresented in Medical Professions (JUMP) an organization that promotes the success of students from underrepresented populations—including ethnic and racial minorities, as well as first generation and low-income college students of any race—that are interested in pursuing careers in medicine and other health professions. Emilio Miret comes from New York, is currently attending Johns Hopkins University. During the summer 2017, Emilio has been the assistant coordinator for our Centro SOL Summer Scholars Program. Emilio has demonstrated tremendous committement, and passion for his work and the interaction with our … Continue reading

Youth Summer Program – Programa de Verano para Jóvenes

(leélo en español) The summer is only half-year away, and we all need to be ready to have a great time! For the fourth consecutive summer, Centro SOL will open the Summer Scholars Program. Please read about the program on our website. The program will offer positions for new and returning students. Students will be recruited from Baltimore Public Schools, in collaboration with Youthworks, the Baltimore City Public Schools, and other organizations, Centro SOL aims to find exceptional candidates who represent their community, and have a wonderful summer. The Youthworks Baltimore City program opens applications on January 3, 2017. Students who … Continue reading

Hispanic Heritage Month – our youth recognized

The Hispanic Heritage Month has a still-new history as a celebration in the U.S. It was established to celebrate and recognize the contributions of the Latino and Hispanic community. Today we would like to recognize the hard work that parents put into their children’s education, today, thanks to those efforts we can see young Latinos like Jose Dominguez, and Jennifer Mendez, awarded by Baltimore’s Mayor, as Emerging Leaders. Hard work pays off, and we can see the hard work these two young Latinos are the example of that. Jennifer graduated from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute high school with honors, she was a … Continue reading

Centro SOL Summer Scholars Program – Gallery

We would like to extend a huge recognition to the professionals, departments, and organizations who presented and supported this year’s Centro SOL Summer Scholars Program. Read more about the program on our website. This summer we expanded our program to receive 6 students who were part of our previous sessions. Our summer scholars program had twelve students in total, new participants and returning students. Summer 2016 was sponsored by Straus Foundation, Youthworks, the Hirschhorn Foundation, and Driskill Foundation. This gallery is a summary of an intense five-week summer program that included a lot of planning, a lot of learning, and … Continue reading

Educación más allá de la escuela

June 24.- The students who will be joining us during summer 2016 were invited  to attend the first gruop activity before the beginning of the program at a community organization, Gallery Church. New and returning students were invited to be part of a retreat “Educación más allá de la escuela” to empower leadership, peer connection, and community engagement. During the sessions they had opportunities to talk and share their experiences, meet other professionals and get familiar with community organizations where they can spend part of their summer. The High School Summer Program aims to promote education and empower youth to … Continue reading

Summer Program new team member!

Giselle Ruiz is the new assistant coordinator for the High School Summer Program, she will be working closely with the high school students, in an improved and larger summer program. My name is Giselle Ruiz and I am from Waller, Texas. I am a rising sophomore at Johns Hopkins University majoring in Latin American Studies with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Management. I am the daughter of immigrant parents with an aspiration of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon that is willing to help the Hispanic community in need. Senior year in high school, I took classes outside of the high school to … Continue reading

Youth Summer Program

April 25, 2016 .- Conversations started several months ago, when Driskill Foudation in Chicago got interested in a program serving Latino youth. In partnership, Centro SOL and the Office for Student Diversity at Johns Hopkins University proposed a project to expand the Centro SOL Programa para Jóvenes, and at the same time strengthen the current activities.  In 2016, the teams in Chicago and Baltimore strategize the best approach to include an exchange component between Chicago and Baltimore. The team representing Johns Hopkins University and Centro SOL is: Dr. Kathleen Page, MD, coDirector, Centro SOL; Mónica Guerrero Vázquez, Software Engineer, Program … Continue reading

Youth Summer Program 2016

Johns Hopkins Centro SOL Programa de Verano para Jóvenes – 2016 Anuncio (English version below) Fecha para envío de aplicación Febrero 29, 2016 ¿Eres estudiante bilingüe Español/Inglés en una escuela secundaria de Baltimore? Si es así, ¡tú puedes ser elegible para un emocionante programa de verano en Johns Hopkins con doctores de la Universidad y ayudar a la comunidad Latina! 5 semanas Aprende sobre carreras en medicina Apoya a pacientes Latinos recibiendo cuidado en el Hopkins Trabaja con nuestros intérpretes profesionales Recibe asesoría de los médicos del Hopkins Recibe una ayuda de $1500 Encuentra todos los detalles en: Lee por … Continue reading

Youth Summer Program 2015 – Gallery

The 2015 Summer program finished on August 7, 2015 with a closing ceremony that brought parents, community members, faculty, and staff at Johns Hopkins Bayview to learn about what the students did, learn more about the program, and meet the professionals behind the experience. (Two videos below) We are thankful to all the professionals who supported us this year, and we are looking forward to growing stronger and providing more experiences next year. Congratulations to the students, and we wish you a successful career! The Baltimore City Public Schools Engagement Office visited us last month to picture some of the great things … Continue reading