Happy child, happy family – holidays

Holidays are for sharing, and with your support, families in Baltimore will have the opportunity to enjoy and smile. You will support parents, and their children from the comfort of your home. We have identified the families who need some support, and they told us what they need. Any amount is welcome, please consider to donate the minimum or more to help us reach our goal. Donations start on Friday November 11, and end on December 11, 5pm EST. Go to the donation page. Food donations are also accepted (dry non-perishable food like – no cans, beans, lentils, Maseca flour, … Continue reading

Centro SOL is here with and for you. Centro SOL está aquí con y para ustedes.

Amigos y amigas, estamos aquí por y para ustedes. Seguiremos trabajando con mucho respeto y aprecio por nuestra comunidad, por la equidad en salud y oportunidad para los Latinos. Message from our directors (text below): Dear Friends, The results of the 2016 election have shocked the world. We know that our community has been one of the most affected by the rhetoric of this campaign. At Centro SOL, we pledge to navigate these uncertain times together with you, advocating for family unity and respect for the human dignity of all our neighbors, regardless of race, ethnicity, or country of origin. … Continue reading

Centro SOL Community Service Award

9.16.2016 – Centro SOL launched the Hispanic Heritage Month with two celebrations: on September 13 at the undergraduate campus at Johns Hopkins University, a documentary screening that shared the stories of undocumented Latino students who demonstrate that perseverance, hard work, and dreams can never be defeated. And on September 16 with the Liver Rounds at the School of Medicine, an opportunity for students and faculty to meet out of a classroom setting. During the Liver Rounds, it is our pleasure to award two outstanding members of the Hopkins family who dedicate their time to support our mission and serve the most … Continue reading

Mes de la Herencia Hispana – Hispanic Heritage Month

Cada año durante el mes del 15 de septiembre al 15 de octubre desde 1968, en los Estados Unidos se celebra el Mes de la Herencia Hispana. Esta festividad reconoce las contribuciones y la presencia importante de Hispanos y Latinoamericanos en los Estados Unidos y celebra si herencia y cultura. Every year on September 15 to October 15 since 1968, in the U.S. we celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month. This festivity recognizes the contributions made and the important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States and celebrate their heritage and culture. Centro SOL has celebrated this month with … Continue reading

Reading and connecting

July 7.- ¡Grandes noticias! Great news Centro SOL has been awarded by the B’More Read More organization with a Little Free Library to be placed at our Children’s Medical Practice at Johns Hopkins Bayview. With this project, we connect Baltimore Latino families to programs promoting reading and school readiness. Books will be available at no cost at the clinic for any children and their families, and we are planning to stuck it with bilingual books, to reduce the language barrier to make this experience mom-child more pleasant. The B’More Read More is a coalition part of the Fund for Educational Excellence

Verano – Recursos para padres

La clínica de pediatría del Centro Médico de Johns Hopkins Bayview ofrece durante los meses de verano clases para padres basadas en un currículo integrador para conocer cómo mejorar la relación con los niños y hacer más eficiente las relaciones con ellos. Las sesiones tienen lugar los Miércoles de 9:30-11am en el campus de Bayview, Mason F. Lord East tower. Puede registrarse llamando al 410-550-6971. Parenting classess offered at no cost for parents, in Spanish. Child supervision and transportation provided. Call 410-550-6971 for more information.

Spring in Community

Spring brings busy months for us, with several events at Hopkins and in the community to promote equity in health and opportunity for Latinos. That is why Spring is definitely one of our favorite seasons! Here are some highlights. Si usted asistió al Día del Niño o a la Feria Latina, estaremos rifando estos regalos como aprecio por seguirnos. Siga la página de Facebook JHCENTROSOL para estar al tanto de todo lo que pasa en la comunidad. Y cuéntenos cómo cuida de su salud y la de su familia.  

Heart of the School

Congratulations to Ms. Donnelly John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School principal, on receiving the Heart of the School Award, for her dedication. We want to highlight her support to a diverse population and willingness to partner with organizations to improve the well-being of each family. ¡Felicidades!Fund for Educational Excellence In partnership with the Judy Center at John Ruhrah, Centro SOL offers weekly educational and physical activity sessions to parents at the school as part of the Diabetes Prevention Program.  Read Ms. Donnelly’s blog post on her career at http://educationpost.org/meet-a-baltimore-principal-who-after-42-years-is-still-showing-heart/ Photo-Educationpost.org

BCPS CEO April Letter – Carta del Director Ejecutivo de Escuelas de Baltimore

April 22, 2016 Dear City Schools Students, Families, Community Members, and Friends, The end of April marks the one-year anniversary of the unrest following Freddie Gray’s death. It will be a challenging time for Baltimore. I am writing to share with you the resources we will have in place to support students and staff and the changes the district has made to help students learn from last April’s events. The safety and well-being of our students and staff is, and always will be, our primary concern. Social workers and mental health professionals are available at every school for students who … Continue reading