Our mission is to promote equity in health and opportunity for Latinos by advancing clinical care, research, education, and advocacy at Johns Hopkins and beyond in active partnership with our Latino neighbors.
Our vision is that all Latinos receive culturally competent healthcare that acknowledges the diversity of the community and respects the dignity of each individual
1. To be recognized nationally for leadership in clinical care, education, research and advocacy related to Latino health across the life course.
2. To develop clinical programs that are innovative and responsive to the unique cultural, language, and psycho-social needs of Latino populations in order to ensure quality health care and optimal health outcomes.
3. To increase community engagement and the inclusion of Latino voices into clinical care, education, scholarship and advocacy.
4. To increase interdisciplinary and community-informed research on Latino health across the life course and translate research to practice, programs and policy.
5. To educate trainees on the health needs of Latino populations and the critical role of cultural competence in clinical care.
6. To educate the next generation of researchers on Latino health and health disparities with an emphasis on trainees with Latino backgrounds.

Centro SOL works on each of these goals with two important committees, that lead and guide the ongoing and future projects: the Steering Committee and the Advisory Board.




Centro SOL is an affiliated center to The Center for Child and Community Health Research -CCHR –

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